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UpLogs helps facility, manufacturing, hotel, public space, restaurant, and condominium managers to improve maintenance operations, and save money.

Connect technicians, managers and stakeholders with UpLogs to open new communication channels and boost your maintenance service.

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UpLogs' Instant Benefits

Whether you are a condominium manager, a hotel chief engineer or a manufacturing director, using UpLogs with your maintenance crew will benefit your organization.

Improve workflow and productivity

Assess the entire operation from top to bottom, looking for areas of improvement, and prioritize key areas of focus.

Enhance internal communication

Increase in team member connectivity, and drive your workforce engagement. Make information accessible, strengthen connections, and encourage information sharing.

Increase transparency

Look at what the maintenance team is currently doing with open eyes in order to analyze results and adjust accordingly.

Reduce Maintenance Backlog

Reduce failure and downtime risk. Eliminate the non-value added preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. Identify areas of inexperience and provide training.

Minimize downtimes

Closely monitor outdated equipment to prevent machinery malfunctions, and schedule equipment services to mitigate their impact.

Lower maintenance cost

UpLogs helps you to practice good preventive maintenance, train your staff, and spend your equipment dollars wisely. Keep a sharp eye on expenses, and measure success.

For Hotels, Condominiums & Offices

Plan your work with UpLogs: Maintenance, testing and inspection schedules are required to ensure that the facility is operating safely and efficiently, to maximize the life of equipment and reduce the risk of failure.

Definition of "Facilities Maintenance": Maintenance activities include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition in a routine, scheduled, or anticipated fashion to prevent failure and/or degradation.

UpLogs will help you to set up, run and monitor your preventive and curative day-to-day maintenance operations and large projects smoothly, and improve the training and productivity of your team.


For the manufacturing industry

Downtime is dangerous to any manufacturing group. If people or machines are idle, then products are not being made, which certainly affects the business’s bottom line — minimizing manufacturing downtime makes money for a company. Enhancing internal communication, assessing equipment status, training employees, and providing regular equipment maintenance are effective ways to minimize manufacturing downtime.

  • Report machinery updates or services.
  • Set up and assign work orders.
  • Monitor the efficiency of manufacturing processes.
  • Assess potential machinery upgrades.
  • Evaluate areas of excellence and areas needing improvement.

UpLogs' features

The native UpLogs smartphone application comes with exclusive features that will boost your maintenance efficiency!


News Feed

The News Feed will show updates about maintenance operations like status updates and reports.

Snap pictures & videos

Create maintenance reports & work orders on the spot with pictures, videos and audio comments.

Work Orders

Create, follow and assign work orders with due date to your maintenance team members.

Comment & share information

Add textual comments or record audio file to share information and insights with your colleagues.


Receive notifications on your smartphone for any maintenance updates.

Support & Upgrades

Great technical support and automatic upgrades are included in the UpLogs' service plan.


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