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UpLogs CMMS for Airports

UpLogs CMMS for Airports

An airport is a gateway into a country. It’s the first image that anyone gets of a nation and its people. Most airports receive an average of 5 million passengers every year.

The demand for the airport to operate at an optimum level while ensuring regular preventative maintenance is ongoing and very important.

UpLogs CMMS provides the perfect solution for making sure your maintenance team is efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Using UpLogs informs maintenance teams of needed repairs, sets and assign orders to the relevant technicians for fast, efficient repairs and maintenance services.
This app also effectively communicates using an interactive mobile management app that is designed to mobilize and allocate resources and personnel efficiently.

As UpLogs is a Smartphone App, everyone is connected, involved and working towards the same project at the same time, no downtime.
This program makes UpLogs a modern, efficient, intuitive and solution-oriented CMMS that is targeted at simplifying the workflow process, reduce protocol and enhance service delivery.

Besides word orders and work requests, our predictive maintenance software is easy to use, universal, cost-effective and produces immediate results.

These benefits are due to UpLogs;
• Lowers maintenance costs as it helps you practice proper preventative maintenance, keep an eye on expenses and measure success.
• Regular updates on maintenance operations to help you keep track of tasks completed and maintenance reports
• Receive notifications on your smartphone for any maintenance updates.

Besides the additional features that are designed to make your maintenance management easier, UpLogs allows information to flow top-down and down-up. The flow of information allows management to make better decisions and better results.

Airports cannot afford shutdowns due to equipment breakdown, with our maintenance ticketing system, schedule preventative maintenance and keep ahead of your costs.
Receive up-to-date reports from the comfort of your home. Using the user-friendly dashboard, keep an eye on your maintenance team to ensure their productivity and mitigate against complaints of airport delays.

No matter where you are in the world, you can use UpLogs as your maintenance management platform. The CMMS has multiple language capabilities to ensure wherever you are in the world, UpLogs will have your back.

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