UpLogs Educational institutions

UpLogs CMMS for Educational institutions

UpLogs CMMS for Educational institutions

Every education institution has many assets. School buildings, vehicles, grounds and more.

To keep track of costs and timelines for renovation projects and recurring maintenance, UpLogs CMMS is designed as a user-friendly mobile app to help you manage this task.

You can schedule preventive maintenance, receive reports, receive images of repairs done and much more. This ability enables proper asset management that will lead to a maximized lifespan of school assets.

From managing one school building to multiple schools or entire university campus, UpLogs predictive maintenance software fits educational facilities of all sizes.

Our feature-rich, easy-to-use software offers unique dashboards that enable schools to focus less on managing their facilities and more on providing the best learning environment possible for students.

Advantages of Using UpLogs CMMS
By tracking preventive maintenance reports in real-time, school administrators are better equipped and prepared for inspection.
By providing a fast and easy tool for submitting work orders, there is increased overall workflow efficiency.
Improve the response time between maintenance teams and members of staff. Improved communication helps to enhance interaction among all the education system workers. With the adoption of UpLogs CMMS software and training to all its users, maintenance costs reduce significantly.

A successfully run educational institution means successful students, that’s why UpLogs CMMS is the perfect solution for educational facilities.
Further, with multiple language CMMS, UpLogs is suitable for any educational institution worldwide.

Feature Benefits
Every school is expected to be a haven for learners, and this is achievable by ensuring regular preventive maintenance. With the mobile maintenance app, one can use powerful tools to track, schedule, and monitor all maintenance activities. Using work orders, you can quickly inform technician teams of repair needs with audio, video, text, and photos.

Equally, using work requests, you receive notifications of all the orders that have been finalized complete with a photo.

From a single school to a group of schools, UpLogs CMMS asset and equipment management feature keeps your assets organized, while the reports give you valuable insight into facility activity at a glance.

Dashboard Benefits
Our advanced dashboard features a graphical view that provides a comprehensive summary of all assets, floors, and locations. This summary enables you to identify the location of maintenance problems quickly or generate work orders fast.

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