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Construction workers

• Less Downtime: with work orders which provide the technician due to perform the task and pictures to better explain the task at hand, we can reduce the downtime and increase productivity.
Increased efficiency results in better work distribution, improved output, and reduced maintenance backlog.
• Enhanced Communication: With improved communication between managers and technician teams, weaknesses in the organization are identified with heightened interaction between team members. The enhanced information flow also helps management make better decisions.

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Organize and Prioritize your work

Maintenance operators

• Certification and Analysis: UpLogs keeps a full record of the maintenance teams’ logs and maintenance schedule. It also keeps track of all the available assets and inventory. By so doing, site inspections and compliance inspections are done fast. We help by making it easier to receive certification based on excellence and customer service to clients.
• Multiple Language CMMS: In most contracting jobs, people of different backgrounds and nationalities work together. A multi-language CMMS makes communication easier for all involved.
• Assess the Effectiveness of Existing Systems: Our system provides the platform with which a manager can assess and identify the weaknesses of their existing systems. Identifying these flaws helps create a more effective organization.

Benefits Features
Document work orders and projects with photos and videos

General contractors

Roofers, electricians, plumbers and floor installers, project managers: they get the best experience out of our maintenance management solution — the ability to communicate with maintenance teams in real-time and keep track of the completed work orders. As an innovative app created with technicians in mind, UpLogs has enabled interaction between managers and maintenance workers. Through these interactions, downtime has reduced, and productivity has increased..

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UpLogs inventory management

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