UpLogs UpLogs CMMS for health facilities

UpLogs CMMS for health facilities

UpLogs CMMS for health facilities

In most industries including the health industry, a maintenance team is handy in ensuring equipment doesn’t breakdown and is well serviced. However, this is rarely the case. Maintenance always seems to be behind schedule, have backlogs or not enough parts. Well, UpLogs has an innovative solution. Using our mobile maintenance app, you can place work orders, receive maintenance reports and dashboards as well as keep track of all the maintenance work with the maintenance ticketing system. When you need the technician to fix burnt up switches, using Uplogs’ mobile maintenance App, take a snap and send to your technicians. As fast as a click, the problem is communicated, logged and immediate action is undertaken. Suitable for Hospitals, Labs, and Clinics, UpLogs will help manage your maintenance needs.

What’s so special about UpLogs CMMS?

We provide an innovative way to keep track of all your maintenance, servicing, and inventory. We don’t help you micromanage your support staff; we help you keep tabs with the services that you are receiving from them. We help you: - Improve workflow and productivity. With our transparent queuing system, follow all maintenance works. Improve productivity by identifying areas requiring improvement. - Reduce maintenance backlog. Transparency and proper task assignment make the workflow faster. Using UpLogs, get a fast response on technician assigned for a maintenance task. Quick feedback will also help you identify areas where training is necessary for improved efficiency. - Enhance internal communication. A team communicating reduces complains and leads to improved productivity. Generate a preventative maintenance schedule based on actual identified needs as well as increased information sharing. - Increased transparency. As information, tasks, and all management issues are all in the palms of your hand, look at what the maintenance team is working on to identify ways to promote efficiency and productivity. - Improve efficiency. With higher information flow and focus on improving maintenance service delivery, UpLogs can help you improve the efficiency of both personnel and resource allocation. UpLogs is the predictive maintenance software that is designed to ensure your health facility runs like clockwork. By managing your maintenance team efficiently, we guarantee an improved and productive maintenance team.

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