UpLogs Hotels and Resorts

UpLogs CMMS for Hotels and Resorts

UpLogs CMMS for Hotels and Resorts

UpLogs is a CMMS app designed to make work easier for managers and technicians.

For a technician, conducting maintenance tasks and repairs are difficult time-consuming work. Having to log into a computer to record assignments completed, findings, and next scheduled maintenance feels like a waste of time.

CMMS was successful, but for the maintenance teams, it was not user-friendly. At UpLogs, the mission to give maintenance teams the empowerment they need to operate at their maximum productivity level has successfully led to them gaining the recognition and self-fulfillment they deserve.

Hotel and resorts have some of the most efficient maintenance teams that are expected to deliver quality services in the shortest possible time. For managers, a predictive maintenance software that is lite, easy to update especially for the technicians, and interactive is indispensable. UpLogs has it all. From multiple languages to work orders and work requests, UpLogs has allowed technicians to focus on their core responsibilities while easing the communication between teams and managers.

With the ability to create maintenance reports & work orders on the spot with pictures, videos, and audio comments, UpLogs is helping ease maintenance management while demystifying technology-driven solutions to ensure non-tech savvy people get the benefits of CMMS.

Benefits of a mobile maintenance app
Reports and Dashboards: With UpLogs mobile maintenance app, you can measure performance real-time. UpLogs is a CMMS that provides an appealing interface that makes breaking down information easy. Clarifying information, in turn, allows you to make better business decisions.

Better accountability and transparency: Work order tracking makes it possible to quickly see if a technician did their work on time and get alerted when a task is complete. It has also led to transparency and a better understanding of the maintenance teams’ roles and constraints.

Information Capture: With UpLogs, technicians can receive work orders, record solutions, capture maintenance reports and schedule equipment maintenance. All this information is captured for others to use ensuring even with maintenance team changes, no backlog or downtime is experienced.

Asset Management: Inventory planning features give you the time to shop around for spare parts pricing, instead of having to buy in a hurry.

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