UpLogs Mining Industry

UpLogs CMMS for the Mining Industry

UpLogs CMMS for the Mining Industry

With extremely demanding conditions, heavy equipment and valuable assets, surface mining, subsurface mining and service companies in the mining industry face constant risks of reliability, aging equipment, and aging infrastructure.

According to industry experts, the non-operation of a truck has an average production impact of tens of thousands of dollars per shift.

By paying attention to preventive maintenance, asset management, and inventory management, a mining company can continuously generate high yields. As a powerful, intuitive tool that is designed to help you organize your asset management and maintenance of mining equipment, UpLogs provides a solution that allows you to ensure critical assets are producing at optimum levels as often as possible without being overwhelmed by costly breakdowns, maintenance backlogs, and safety concerns.

The result of using CMMS is a higher return on investment, fewer maintenance-related breakdowns, and a safer work environment.

Why Use UpLogs in Your Mining Company?

Keep track of inventory, maintenance costs, receive management reports, view work orders, and work requests while on the go. By receiving real-time information, UpLogs enables you to remain aware of how much the company is making thereby facilitating better planning and forecasting.

By being mobile and cloud-based, UpLogs saves you time and money.
Spreadsheets and desktop-based CMMS solutions are outdated systems. With UpLogs, the mobile maintenance app allows all your team members to save time as they don’t have to keep visiting the office for new task assignments. The program not only saves time, but it also saves money as well.

With preventive management, you can reduce downtime and maximize equipment and assets. You are also able to manage your assets replacing old and expensive equipment to maintain assets with new ones. This upgrading helps to improve your mining operations. What Savings Can a Mining Company Make by Using UpLogs?

UpLogs provides savings in various ways that include:
• Reduction in overtime costs
• Reduction in spare parts costs
• Reduction in new equipment purchases
• Increased operational accountability and transparency
• Increased lifespan of existing equipment and assets
• Reduction in production and maintenance downtime
• Increased preparedness for compliance and certification inspections

With so much to save, UpLogs CMMS should be a part of every mining company’s system due to its excellent and reliable results.

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