UpLogs Municipalities

UpLogs CMMS for Municipalities

UpLogs CMMS for Municipalities

Downtime is dangerous to any municipality.

If services grind to a halt due to people or machines being idle, then the likelihood of riots or civil unrest as people demand service delivery becomes elevated. The lack of a productive municipality can also lead to serious health risks caused by burst water pipes, leaking sewerage and more. An effective and mobile CMMS solution is required to mitigate against this.

UpLogs CMMS system provides an innovative approach to solving maintenance issues for any municipality. Using its mobile maintenance app, municipal maintenance managers can keep track of their maintenance teams, work requests undertaken per technician and pending work orders. Besides providing a useful tool to improve workflow and reduce downtime, UpLogs allows its users to interact and enhance communication. This collaboration results in better planning of projects and better resource allocation.

For municipal maintenance teams, having a schedule in the palm of their hands reduces the time wasted and having an image of the repair works provides for better planning and preparedness. Increased productivity and less time wastage also have an effect on overtime which will reduce significantly. Added up all these benefits results in a municipality spending its allocated resources efficiently, cost savings, better service delivery, and ultimately municipal growth. Further, UpLogs makes it easier for a municipal maintenance manager to keep track of the assets and inventory. With the asset management option, all municipal assets can be viewed conveniently on a smartphone and thereby enabling the manager to schedule maintenance using the maintenance ticketing system. Inventory management allows the manager to track expenses related to parts allowing for prudent management and transparency.

Ease of allocating resources, tracking maintenance teams, asset management, inventory management, and the interactive nature of UpLogs is enhanced by the easy to use dashboards. Quickly access relevant data that can help predict quality issues and stay ahead of sudden shocks. With reports, planning for future expansions, maintenance works and costs related to this function is easy to execute.

Designed as a global product, UpLogs is a multiple language CMMS software that is designed for the mobile and busy manager in mind. With all the relevant data on your smartphone, a municipal maintenance manager can focus on future projects as everyone will want to move to a working and efficient municipality.

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