UpLogs Commercial Real Estate

UpLogs for Commercial Real Estate

UpLogs for Commercial Real Estate

Since its inception, UpLogs has been dedicated to making maintenance management easy, cost-effective and faster.

For managers of office buildings, this is the perfect platform to easily keep a centralized record of all the assets and equipment for which your maintenance team is responsible.

It also helps you keep a detailed record of all the work they’ve performed and their schedule. Keeping records is vital as it ensures that businesses and companies operating in the office block do not experience costly downtime due to inadequate maintenance schedules. As the ultimate mobile maintenance app, we cover the core offering of CMMS and add the mobile functionality of pictures, videos, and audio comments. Maintenance activities that you can keep track of using UpLogs include routine, scheduled preventative maintenance to avoid failure and slow the degradation of equipment. Keeping track of needed upkeep ensures your facility is operating safely and efficiently by maximizing the life of your equipment and reducing the risk of failure.

UpLogs helps you to run maintenance, testing and inspection schedules that help in keeping spaces, structures, and infrastructure in proper operating condition. With the reports and dashboards for easy and fast access to schedules, our app is designed to help your business grow cost-effectively. Advanced Features for Easy Property Maintenance Management Like a status update from your favorite social media app, our multiple language CMMS provides news updates about maintenance operations. This consistent flow of information keeps you as the manager up-to-date. Notifications of maintenance updates and parts are used to make inventory management fast and cost-effective. It also enhances accountability and transparency among the maintenance teams.

Having a CMMS system hosted in the company server is expensive to maintain and time-consuming to implement. Communication with technical teams is also slow. With our CMMS, everyone is connected thanks to their smartphones. Tenants can easily report breakdowns by raising work requests, and verification of works done is possible thanks to the records that are centralized.

With our service plan, support and upgrades from our technical support team are automatic ensuring that your system runs and monitors your daily routine operations flawlessly. With this, we improve your team’s productivity and guarantee business growth and better control of maintenance overheads.

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