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UpLogs CMMS for Retail and Restaurants

UpLogs CMMS for Retail and Restaurants

For a technician, conducting maintenance tasks and repairs are difficult time-consuming work. One has to complete a task and go back to the office for the next task assignment. UpLogs is a time and money saver.

As a CMMS mobile maintenance app designed to make work easier for managers and technicians, having to log into a computer to record tasks completed, findings, and next scheduled maintenance has been rendered obsolete.

Traditional CMMS was successful, but for the maintenance teams, it was not user-friendly. At UpLogs, the mission to give maintenance teams the empowerment they needed to operate at their maximum productivity level has led to the development of a successful smartphone app. This program has helped maintenance teams improve service delivery and reduce backlogs.

Retail stores and restaurants have some of the most demanding clients and health and safety standards. Efficiency is, therefore, demanded from the maintenance team that is expected to deliver quality services in the shortest possible time. Predictive maintenance software that is lite, easy to update and user-friendly especially for the technicians is necessary.

UpLogs has created an app with the mentioned features and has allowed technicians to focus on their core responsibilities while easing the communication between teams and managers. Thanks to multiple languages CMMS, UpLogs can be deployed to numerous locations worldwide effectively. With the ability to create maintenance reports & work orders on the spot with pictures, videos, and audio comments, UpLogs is helping ease maintenance management while demystifying technology-driven solutions to ensure non-tech savvy people rip the benefits of CMMS.

Other benefits of using UpLogs include:
Certifications and Record Keeping
Keep all your records securely in one location. With UpLogs CMMS, receive reports and back them up to ensure that when inspection or certification teams’ accessibility needs the documents is not a concern. Turn-Over
Retail stores and restaurants experience one of the highest turn-over rates in any industry.

This staff turnover leads to revenue losses through staff training. Using a reliable CMMS system like UpLogs, ensures staff losses do not result in knowledge loss and staff training loss.

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