UpLogs Retail Stores

UpLogs CMMS for Retail Stores

UpLogs CMMS for Retail Stores

Keeping the customer happy is the bottom line in the retail industry.

For a manager, this involves matching the customers’ high expectations and their ever-increasing demands from their shopping experience.

Maintaining standards to meet the customers’ needs require an interactive CMMS system that will enhance retail management by reducing costs and streamlining operations.

As margins are often measured in fractions of a penny and management is expected to meet their budget goals, innovative and effective solutions are necessary to keep a retail store competitive.

With UpLogs CMMS, you can achieve all this and leads to a better return on investment.
These costs include:
• Cost of Goods
• Cost of goods can be affected by factors such as poor inventory management and environmental management. Asset management is easy to handle with UpLogs as it provides an inventory management system that is easy to update. Assets such as freezers, HVAC systems, and A/C units can be recorded so equipment can keep running at peak performance and maintenance is on schedule.
• Fixed Cost
Scheduled preventive maintenance keeps machines and equipment running at their optimum which result in cost savings. UpLogs provides an all-inclusive preventive maintenance scheduling feature for any number of assets, machines, and parts.
• Labor

By making maintenance and repair scheduling more efficient, UpLogs helps to keep the cost of labor down. The work order function eliminates the need for paper records as well as confusion over to whom a task is assigned. The scheduling function results in better tracking of employee activities and works allocation.

Other benefits of using UpLogs CMMS include: • Mobility

• UpLogs CMMS is an app that can be taken anywhere on a mobile device. Receive alerts, review work order schedules and reports from smartphones.
• Audits
• UpLogs CMMS helps you keep an accurate history of maintenance activities for inspection and headquarter standards. Legal entities that perform safety and quality inspections (OSHA, building and fire inspectors) will also be able to review the history of our system.
• Turn-Over

Retail stores have a high turn-over rate.

Using a CMMS system ensures that when an employee leaves the company, their knowledge does not go with them, but instead stays in the database.

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