UpLogs Retirement Living Facilities

UpLogs CMMS for Retirement Living Facilities

UpLogs CMMS for Retirement Living Facilities

Retirement living facilities are required to meet specific safety compliance standards.

Each facility is inspected regularly for compliance standards, which can result in a pass or fail. Facility managers are tasked with ensuring their records are up-to-date as well as making sure maintenance and repair works are carried out on time to ensure success. A maintenance team is necessary to ensure equipment doesn’t breakdown and is well serviced to run a retirement living facility efficiently. UpLogs offers a solution that is innovative and affordable. Using our mobile maintenance app, place work orders, receive maintenance reports and dashboards as well as keep track of all the maintenance work pending and completed.

As fast as a click, UpLogs allows you to communicate your issue. It is then logged, and immediate action is undertaken as soon as possible. The ability to take quick response makes it suitable for retirement living as UpLogs will solve most maintenance management needs.

How Does UpLogs CMMS Help Retirement Living?

We provide a mobile solution that keeps track of all your maintenance, servicing, and inventory. By helping you keep tabs with the services that you are receiving from maintenance teams, efficiency is improved which results in better service delivery for resident retirees. We equally help you:
- Improve workflow and productivity. With our transparent queuing system, follow all maintenance works as well as improving productivity by identifying areas requiring improvement.
- Reduce maintenance backlog. Transparency and the work order model make workflow faster. Also using UpLogs, identify areas where training is necessary for improved efficiency.
- As a facility manager, generate a preventative maintenance schedule based on actual identified needs as well as increased information sharing.
- Increased productivity. As information, tasks, and all management issues are all at the palms of your hand, look at what the maintenance team is working on to identify ways to promote efficiency and productivity.
- Improve efficiency. As technicians don’t have to report to the office to find out their next task, with our CMMS mobile app, orders are at the palm of the technician’s hand, therefore, improving efficiency for both personnel and resource allocation.

UpLogs is the predictive maintenance software that is designed to guarantee your retirement living facility is compliant, and everything falls in place.

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