UpLogs Sport Facilities

UpLogs CMMS for Sport Facilities

UpLogs CMMS for Sport Facilities

A broken seat in the stadium and a broken-down swimming pool pump need a technician to fix it.

These are some of the maintenance roles that one can keep track of using the UpLogs mobile maintenance app. The app not only helps you keep track of your maintenance needs, but it also provides an asset management platform that is intuitive and helps you to run maintenance, testing and inspection schedules that will ensure your facility is operating safely and efficiently by maximizing the life of your equipment and reducing the risk of failure.

How Does UpLogs Work for Sports?

Most stadiums are enormous, and they require service and preventative maintenance. One broken seat in a 60,000 seater stadium is tiring and time-consuming to find. Traditionally, a broken seat is recorded, logged, the manager involved in replacement cost facilitation and then assigned to a technician who will then spend days before working on the repairs. With UpLogs, find the broken chair, take a snap and send it to the relevant team player with video and audio to enhance communication. Create maintenance work orders on the spot with pictures, videos, and audio comments. With the ease and efficiency of mobilizing resources, you not only get more done faster, but it also guarantees that the ease of communicating work orders and work requests encourages productivity and communication in the organization. For maintenance teams, UpLogs is an easy-to-use and capable system that keeps track of all assets and equipment for which the team is responsible. It also includes the schedule for maintenance and history of the maintenance activities. When a piece of equipment is not functioning properly, a member of staff can place a work request which is accessible to the team instantly.

UpLogs vs. the Competition

Over the years CMMS software has evolved.
From a punch card system to having it installed in servers on premises. With UpLogs, the evolution continues by providing CMMS software to the palm of your hand.

For maintenance managers, we have provided access to multiple information sources instantly to help you predict quality issues and minimize unnecessary maintenance with cost-benefit analysis. UpLogs will not only improve plan maintenance, but it will do so with higher efficiency at reduced costs.

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