UpLogs Religious Institutions

UpLogs CMMS for Religious Institutions

UpLogs CMMS for Religious Institutions

UpLogs CMMS is a simple, maintenance management software solution that provides all the features needed to ensure the maintenance activities of your religious institution are run efficiently and cost-effectively.

Size of the institution is not a factor; efficiency and reliability are. UpLogs provides both elements in a user-friendly and straightforward way that allows institutions to easily invite staff and community members to submit work orders and work requests. We also offer a chat function where with every work order an accompanying image, audio, video or text message can be sent to the assigned technician.

The ability to keep track of work orders sent out and receive notifications when the work is complete makes it convenient and time-saving. An additional benefit includes the useful data captured in CMMS software, which helps religious administrators plan quarterly and annual budgets. With preventive maintenance scheduling, managers also know who performed maintenance duties and when.

For the technicians responsible for the maintenance work, receiving work order alerts reduces time wastage as schedules and tasks are received on a smartphone. Managers are also able to keep in the know which works sites their workers are at. User-Friendly and Straightforward Maintenance Software for Religious Institutions

To fully maximize the use of UpLogs CMMS system for your religious institution, the reports and dashboards provide easy to understand at a glimpse summary of the activities that have taken place or are pending.

Some of the features include:
• Practicing regular preventive maintenance is essential to ensuring the smooth operation of a facility and mitigate against downtime. UpLogs, mobile maintenance app, is a crucial tool that helps facility managers stay up-to-date with upcoming activities and schedule future maintenance tasks.
• Inventory Management is critical for any facility manager, with UpLogs, it is easy to keep an inventory of all the parts used and what is in store.
• Work Orders
• Work Requests
• Multiple Language CMMS allows you to ensure that communication breakdown due to language barrier is at a minimum.
• Dashboard Benefits allow you to get your system up and running fast.

With its quick and easy-to-use navigation, UpLogs is ideal for religious institutions helping make insightful decisions related to future maintenance and upcoming events.

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