UpLogs' Origin Story

Origin Story

It all started around a big family BBQ during the summer of 2017

For 20 years, Radoslav Petrovic worked for large pharmaceutical and cosmetic plants in the French cosmetic valley where he noticed that internal communication created a barrier between workers. He observed that technicians and operators hardly communicated and exchanged operation reports with their colleagues.

He pushed and advocated for better internal communication between co-workers and with managers to no avail. This was primarily because factory workers don’t have the time to sit in front of desktop computers to write and recap past operations.

This inability to effectively pass information caused issues during technicians shifts and extended downtime that could have been avoided if the information was adequately disseminated.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic ocean, Dylan Goubin was working in the condominium industry in South Florida and made the same observations about maintenance teams. He noticed a high downtime whenever there is a replacement of Chief engineers or key maintenance workers, as a result of knowledge and information lost during the transition period.

During Summer in 2017, over a BBQ, Radoslav and Dylan exchanged their opinions concerning maintenance operations and realized that they both faced the same challenges.

To solve their mutual problem, they resolved that if workers could have a tool to share information on the spot regardless of their languages and location, it could save them and manufacturers a lot of time and increase productivity. They figured out that every worker carries a Smartphone and that designing the tool as a Smartphone App will bring the best output.

UpLogs was born!

A computerized maintenance and management software App to make work easier.

A minimum viable product (MVP) was developed by Dylan and introduced to a pilot plant, and a few months later, the final version was showcased at the CES of Las Vegas. After much testing and retesting, the company was funded by private investors to market the management and maintenance solution on a global scale.