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What is UpLogs?

What is UpLogs?

Uplogs is a Mobile Application designed to make life easier for facility managers, asset managers and their employees and is also structured to empower maintenance teams and help them work synergistically towards generating improved results.

Uplogs enables managers to communicate with technicians in the field while at the same time being in full knowledge of the recent updates to their project. It also allows technicians to respond to urgent issues and requirements changes instantaneously without having to go through protocols, paperwork and office visits.

With Uplogs being a Smartphone App, everyone is involved, connected and working towards the same project at the same time, no downtime. Comprehensively, Uplogs is a modern, efficient, intuitive and solution-oriented CMMS that is targeted at simplifying the workflow process.

It doesn’t stop there!

Uplogs is easy to use, universal, cost-effective and produce immediate results. No matter where you are in the world, you can use Uplogs as your maintenance management platform.

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