UpLogs Maintenance

Gestión de mantenimiento fácil

Conecte técnicos, gerentes y partes interesadas con UpLogs para abrir nuevos canales de comunicación e impulsar su servicio de mantenimiento.


How does it work?

1. Reception

We receive your tenant maintenance request through the UpLogs application and we assess the situation.

2. Resolution

Our agents will attempt to resolve the issue over the phone. If physical work is needed we dispatch a vested contractor or a third-party of your choice. You can also choose to be called if the estimated cost of repairs reached a specific threshold.

3. Conclusion

Once the work order is completed, we send you a comprehensive report.

Never be on call anymore

Don't be disturbed for trivial maintenance issues, and focus on what matters. We take care of your tenant maintenance requests.

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Never be on call again

Improve your tenants' satisfaction

By resolving and preventing maintenance issues on time, you will increase your renters' satisfaction and lower your tenants' turn over.

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Happy tenants

Save money while protecting your assets

Use the vested professionals (plumbers, electricians etc.) from the UpLogs contractor network, and don't skip any preventive or corrective maintenance tasks.

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The UpLogs contractor network

Funciones de UpLogs

La aplicación nativa para teléfonos inteligentes UpLogs viene con características exclusivas que aumentarán su eficiencia de mantenimiento.



La fuente de noticias mostrará actualizaciones sobre operaciones de mantenimiento como actualizaciones de estado e informes.

Órdenes de trabajo

Crear informes de mantenimiento & Órdenes de trabajo en el lugar con fotos, videos y comentarios de audio.

Imágenes instantáneas y videos

Cree, siga y asigne órdenes de trabajo con fecha de vencimiento a los miembros de su equipo de mantenimiento.

What people say?
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